bunnie copy     Ahhh the sweet morning…it’s 8am, the housemates have left for work. I’m outside enjoying the sun coming over the hill, no winds and for a wonder it’s not freezing cold in February.  This is when you take a good look around and appreciate all God’s creations, filling your heart with joy at being a small part of it.  I should know by now God has a sense of humor and I’m one of his favorite “fall girls”…lol.

     As I’m looking around, having my morning smoke, I see a car coming down the road; it catches my attention because it appears to be a 1940’s Ford Coupe.  Hey, everyone loves a classic, and this one has been restored with a lot of love and hard work.  As the car nears the driveway I’m standing in, I see something dart out in front of it.  Oh no!  It’s the rabbit I’ve been watching every morning.

     The rabbit lives under the shed/work shop in the back yard.  I come out every morning at the same time he does, after everyone has gone to work, and the kids are at school, he comes out to eat.  I come out to watch and see where he hides, and to see if he’s bringing out his babies yet.  The rabbit is smart enough to come out after the dogs are back in the house every morning, so what the heck is he doing in the middle of the road today?

     The driver of the Coupe spots the rabbit before I do and honks his ooga horn to move him along.  Mr. Rabbit realizes his error and races out of the middle of the street heading straight for me.  He sees me and veers off to the right, at warp speed he runs straight into the garage I’ve left open and hits the back wall to hide.  Oh HELL!  Enter Lucy’s spirit.

      Now I have to figure out a way to get this scwewy wabbit OUT of the garage, with as little damage as possible.  The homeowners like most people here, have furniture and all kinds of other stuff in the garage.  Apparently, garages are not built for actually sheltering cars any more.

      I spy a set of golf clubs just inside the door of the garage and quickly grab one, thinking I can use it to herd Mr. Rabbit back to his own house in the back yard.   I move cautiously toward the back wall where I saw him ricochet off last.  I lean over and poke the golf club into some bags stacked on a shelf.  YUP, there he is…just like Roger Rabbit, the damn thing jumps right at me, causing me to drop the stupid golf club in favor of flailing my arms to keep my balance.  The “wing flapping” fails me and I fall backwards, fortunately I land on the recliner that’s being stored in the garage.

     I watch helplessly as Br’er Rabbit bounces off to the left of me, runs into the stacked end tables, ricochets off of the big screen TV and finally makes it to the door of the garage.  As I heft myself out of the recliner and go search for the rabbit, I see he has run out the door just past the garbage bin and I swear he’s sitting there smirking at me.  I pull my phone out and take a picture of him for evidence.  When it occurs to me, anyone who knows me or has read ANY THING I’ve written will have no problem believing this incident either…lol.

     I’ve always said I’m a $hit magnet.  This is not meant to be a negative statement, it is pure fact.  If something crazy happens, it will invariably involve me. God likes his jokes, I’m thankful for my bizarre sense of humor, it compliments the little “adventures” He sends my way. 

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